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All About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

All About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the worst global health crises that we have encountered within the last century. One of the most impactful changes the pandemic has brought is that many of us are now working from home. While this may be a welcome change for some it isn’t without it’s downfalls.

One common issue is that our at-home workspace may not be set up as well as our usual work environment and this may force us to sit with poor body posture or incorrect keyboard and hand position. Over time small changes like these can lead to stress, strain and even injury to the affected body parts.

One such ergonomic-related issue is carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS.

CTS occurs when repetitive movements of the wrist and hand, (especially poorly supported movements or movements that cause undue strain), cause inflammation within the wrist over time. This inflammation impinges or compresses the median nerve, a nerve that runs through the wrist and innervates parts of the hand, thumb and fingers.

Symptoms of CTS include pain or a burning sensation as well as numbness or tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers and parts of the palm. These symptoms are usually worse at night. In severe cases of CTS thumb strength can be affected too, which decreases the ability to grasp items tightly and is often noticed when you start dropping objects more frequently.

The good news is that at Prime Rheumatology we can work with you to alleviate the symptoms of CTS and even help to resolve the condition entirely.

Treatment is customized for each patient according to their individual health history and the severity of their condition and may include wearing a special splint, taking prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain medication or sometimes even surgery if other more conservative options are not suitable for that particular case.

Have you been experiencing any of the symptoms related to CTS? If so, please schedule an appointment with us at Prime Rheumatology for an evaluation and let’s get you back to feeling pain-free and strong again.

At Prime Rheumatology you’ll find leading experts specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of all rheumatologic conditions who have the experience and skills necessary to help you with CTS.

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